Sans Nom

We are a design studio working in branding, product design, illustration, advertising and interactive. Our clients are from multiple industries (entertainment, fashion, culture) and include MTV, Atlantic Records, WIRED Magazine, Scion, and Converse.

We play well with other agencies. Dustin and Jemma have worked with these fine people, and more: Hellohikimori (Paris), Fangohr (NYC), LTD+ (NYC), Ogilvy (NYC), Tequila (NYC).



Jemma Hostetler (née Gura) is an art director and designer working in branding, product, print and interactive. Her work has been featured in numerous reviews and books, including one she co-authored challenging designers to push the boundaries of their creative tools. Learn more about Jemma's personal projects here.

Dustin Hostetler (UPSO) is an illustrator, artist, curator & publisher of a critically acclaimed art magazine. He has presented his work during creative engagements and events—most recently (in 2009) with a lecture at Rhode Island School of Design and his participation on a SXSW panel, "Curating in a Crowd Sourced World". Learn more about Dustin and his work here.